Are you a Killionaire?

A friend of mine introduced me to an amazing concept. The killionaire. He found that the words millionaire and billionaire were too meaningless, and even if the ranges weren’t so drastic, that money has different levels of meaning and value to everyone. To solve this he coined the term killionaire. A killionaire is someone who is “killin’ it.” A killionaire may have millions, billions, or thousands of dollars. It’s someone who has enough. Enough to live their lives, be true to themselves and others, and to maximize their contentment without the need to just strive for more.

I know billionaires who aren’t killionaires. People who started with saying that $5 million would be enough, then when they achieved that, it was $20, then $50 milion. They’re on a hedonistic treadmill that won’t stop. It’s okay if the result of a killionaires time and actions make more money, but if it’s about the result that more will give you, you’re not a killionaire.

Inversely one of the richest killionaires I know is Scott Harrison. He was mired in the superficial lifestyle of a nightclub promotor, but then reset his life and founded charity:water with the goal of serving the one billion people who don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water. He makes a lot less money, may never be a millionaire but that doesn’t stop him from killin’ it.

A killionaire isn’t just someone who dedicates themselves to charity though. Warren Buffet is a killionaire. He spends his days doing something he loves, is good at, and surrounds himself with people he enjoys working with. Once I asked one of the most successful people in the games industry if he ever thinks about leaving the company he works for. He responded that he couldn’t imagine making games he wants to make with a better group of people, even if he could make more money somewhere else. He’s a killionaire.

I’m not a killionaire yet. I’ve made more money than I ever thought possible, more than is practical, and more than I need, but that isn’t enough for me. But it’s not more money that will make me a killionaire, but how I use the money and skills I have to make an impact on the world. When I’m actively putting my beliefs that the world could be a better place into actions. Then I’ll achieve killionaire status.

Here’s to killin’ it.

  1. Gotta love Robo!

  2. We all can be killionaires. the key to it is the use of the word “we”, if we all consider the world we live in together then Killionaireship is waiting at every step. Much respect.

    We should remember one of my favourite comments made by Warren Buffet which I am going to adjust slightly. Remember there are other people in the world with similar abilities to yourself, however, the ovarian lottery is the biggest determinant of the opportunities available to you.

    • Dude. You’re the inspiration! I didn’t know if you would want me to give full Robeson credit for coining the Killionaire, but my goal is to propagate it!

      That is great advice. Too bad we don’t spend more time listening to it.

    • Rich N. Famou$
    • January 7th, 2013

    The term Killionaire was originally coined in 2002 by Rich N. Famou$. And a killionaire is an individual who kills for money. Being a killionaire is a lifestyle. And all killionaires live by the same principles, su h as the 5 keys of capitalism: cash, control, connections, clientele, and consistency. Or the 5 jewels of a killionaire: smarts, sincerity, strength, silence,and swagger… So you see, killionaires is a movement. Its a lifestyle… and its hundreds of us out there too…
    Capital-K till my death day. Killionaire for life.

    — Rich N. Famou$

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  1. March 20th, 2012

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