Water Fast

After reading an amazing Harper’s article on fasting while with charity:water in Ethiopia, I’ve decided to do a 48 hour water fast. My last meal was Saturday brunch (ending at 12:00). It was probably not the healthiest: blueberry pancakes, eggs, orange juice and lots coffee. I’m 27 hours in, and here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • It’s really not that hard
  • Hunger seems rather habitual or cyclical
  • I had weird food / fasting dreams last night
  • Hurling (the competitive Irish sport I play) wasn’t as bad as I expected
  • People eating bagels and drinking coffee in front of me, was worse than I expected
  • I miss coffee more than food
  • Lastly: it’s way easier to spend 13 hours straight playing Star Wars: The Old Republic when you don’t need food breaks
I do recommend that Harpers article on fasting. A couple of other people I know read and enjoyed it. The article certainly educated me on something I was previously ignorant.


  1. Did you hurl on Saturday or Sunday? Just wondering if you were using the instant energy from the carbs yesterday, or the stored energy today?

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