Fast Fail

So many VCs and “valley people” speak about having a fast fail. The core premise is that entrepreneurs or projects should fail fast instead of lingering on. Well, I took that concept to a literal level last evening. Yup, 3 1/2 hours after posting about my fast, I went in to a restaurant with a friend and ate a rather large dinner. While greens, prosciutto, pork belly, short ribs, and meat pasta are all good things, I’m not sure it was the healthiest choice I’ve ever made.

While I woke up frustrated with my epic fail, I also woke up sick as a dog from the flu. I’ll spend the rest of my life making excuses for why I couldn’t achieve a 48 hour fast. Perhaps it was my friend coming over and talking about food, or my cousin, who works at Top Pot.  Perhaps I’m just inspired by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Perhaps it was because I was getting sick (so sick that I am at home today, and cancelled my trip to SF).

I’ll never let myself believe that I just got hungry.


  1. and now that you’ve said that, forgive yourself and move on … and drink lots of ginger ale

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