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The Article that Changed my Life

Chip Giller, a friend and founder of environmental website Grist invited me to a talk by environmental writer / activist Bill McKibben.  He sent me a Rolling Stone article by Mr. McKibben and advised me to read it before the talk as it would give me some context.

The article changed my life.

Read it here. 

Essentially it brings global warming into perspective as a near and immediate issue for me. An issue which will leave our society dramatically changed in the next twenty years. Whether it’s because we’ve removed our dependance and usage of fossil fuels, or whether it’s because nature forces a rebalance, our society is going to look drastically different. The human race doesn’t have a choice in the matter. The underpinnings of our society are going to shift. We must adapt.

I’m not saying I’m going to immediately call myself a climate hawk, but I am going to educate myself. It’s now a personal imperative for me to understand the science, the politics, the economic impact, and public relations challenges behind climate change.

PopCap has taught me that change, while natural, is hard, but we’ve learned to embrace those challenges and continue to persevere, make games we believe in, and by holding true to that creating a great business and a good place to work. 

The same can be said of humanity and the climate. Can we embrace the hard decisions required to adapt to the challenges that climate change will bring? And more personally, how can I help?

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